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Now there is no need for harsh pesticides, or watered down chemicals. Aptus offers one of the most affordable price per gallon.


Ultra Concentrated Formula 10 Times More Potent Than The Competition

A lot of companies claim "highly-concentrated" but end up being a marketing ploy. For many years, 1 tsp (5 ml) per gallon was an industry standard concentration. Growers simply accepted these ratios because there was no other choice. A few products arose that were in the 1-2 ml per gallon. These products typically contain little water and mostly active ingreidents.

Aptus nutrition products are all based fully on active ingredients, such as L-amino acids rather than water. Not only does this help chelate the minrals for maximum plant bioavailability but also provides additional plant growing materials. Everything in an Aptus bottle is used readily by your plants.


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